Milestone #4 "returncode > 0! Check your code" in module 5 assessment

why I am getting this error when passing test-case correctly.
It shows error (returncode > 0! Check your code) in abnormal_connection_termination_details file.
If passing test-case is wrong then it should to show “TEST_STATUS_FAILURE” not “returncode > 0! Check your code”.

Yes you are right.
Which means that the issue is with format in which you have written the specified file. Go through the milestone and try to understand what is the correct format.

In first line I write packet number which denotes the abnormal connection termination.
In second line I specify the IP address who initiate this.
And after second line I put (copy and paste whole details of packet) the packets of normal connection termination.
I don’t understand what is wrong format in this???

Even I did exactly the same. Still I got stuck with this error.

I am here too. I pasted each packet in a new line after the 2nd line. Are we supposed to paste them all in one line or something?

Yeah. I did the same initially because of the ambiguous statement in the tasks. In the last line, try to mention ONLY the packet numbers in a comma separated manner. That worked for me.


I see. This makes no sense though. Even in the official FAQ it is said that we need to copy the entire summary description of the packet for milestone 4.
Besides, if we just put packet numbers, how will they know which pcap file we are referring to? It is nowhere mentioned that we need to use a specific pcap file, they just said any TCP session is fine.

There are different pcap file for each milestone. The packet numbers are checked against the pcap file for that milestone.

As far as I remember, it requires a comma separated list of packets in which a single packet or a set of packets is sufficient. I don’t remember adding other details of packets except packet number.

Yes. It has to be in a single line, separated by commas.

I am not getting what to do in this step. Do i need to look for packets in the client_connection_file_transfer.pcap file which was created in previous module?

@visargdesai , answer is yes, if you are looking for the third line of solution step.