Milestone 4 buildFail zero_window_details returncode > 0! Check

hey I have written all the packets whose window size is 0 in one line and comma separated as a,dc,fg etc and in next line explation but I am getting a build fail for this
this is log file below
2020-02-18 07:05:06,941 unitTesting INFO Running command_runner
2020-02-18 07:05:07,025 unitTesting INFO Running…
2020-02-18 07:05:08,999 unitTesting INFO Module setup complete!
2020-02-18 07:05:09,019 unitTesting INFO Starting assessment…
2020-02-18 07:05:09,030 unitTesting INFO Assessing
2020-02-18 07:05:09,989 unitTesting INFO File: | Status: TEST_STATUS_SUCCESS
2020-02-18 07:05:10,014 unitTesting INFO Assessing
2020-02-18 07:05:10,939 unitTesting INFO File: | Status: TEST_STATUS_SUCCESS
2020-02-18 07:05:10,962 unitTesting INFO Assessing
2020-02-18 07:05:11,809 unitTesting INFO File: | Status: TEST_STATUS_SUCCESS
2020-02-18 07:05:11,831 unitTesting INFO Assessing
2020-02-18 07:05:12,041 unitTesting ERROR python3 /divyashahi139-ME_QBOX-fafe9fa2-521c-11ea-bc03-dfe7f4bd357d/ME_QBOX_MODULE_ANALYZING_PROTOCOL_SOLUTION/analyzing_protocol/ /divyashahi139-ME_QBOX-fafe9fa2-521c-11ea-bc03-dfe7f4bd357d/divyashahi139-ME_QBOX/analyzing_protocol/zero_window_details returncode > 0! Check your code.
2020-02-18 07:05:12,068 unitTesting INFO File: | Status: TEST_STATUS_FAILURE
2020-02-18 07:05:12,079 unitTesting INFO Assessing
2020-02-18 07:05:12,267 unitTesting INFO File: | Status: TEST_STATUS_SUCCESS
2020-02-18 07:05:12,290 unitTesting INFO Assessment finished!
2020-02-18 07:05:12,302 unitTesting INFO Starting cleanup…
2020-02-18 07:05:12,354 unitTesting INFO Running…
please anyone help I am stuck for long in this module now

Just write packet numbers in comma-separated format. And try pushing that file.

I have done that for e.g format of my file is
explanation goes here
I have checked it thrice and above packet numbers are imaginary

Erase that explanation part and just write packet numbers.

Try it and let me know

did that it’s more than 5 min now no assessment report received

yes finally build success thank you so much was stuck in this since mornig :slight_smile: