Milestone 4 Abnormal Connection Test Failed


In the milestone 5, it is mentioned that we have to Submit a new file abnormal_connection_termination_details in the analyzing_protocol directory with the following details.

  • First line: Packet number where an abnormal connection termination is first seen.
  • Second line: Who is initiating the connection termination (provide the IP address)?
  • Third line onwards: Use a previously connected pcap file for a normal connection termination between your laptop and the QBox host. Paste the packets that show a normal connection termination.

Now, I have done the first two steps properly but in the third step, I am not able to understand the way we have to paste the output. Do we have to paste the packet number in a single line or do we have to copy each packet and paste in the file.

We have to paste the packet numbers in a single line, comma-separated in the third line.


just go to the end