Milestone 3(

  1. Describe the issue briefly
    Not getting whether we need to use the access token and board id by creating a function to use in pinterest and use our own message and url and call the publish functioon
  2. How much time have you spent debugging this issue?
    (Please spend at least 15 minutes to resolve the issue on your own before posting a new topic here)
    2 hours
  3. What is your hypothesis?
    I tried all possible ways i know,could not get it

can u please tell me where i am wrong @sridherj-criodo

Hey please dont post any screenshots of the code.

I am sorry sir. Can you please help me out , I am struck in this for 3 hours +. I am getting 404

Hey, please check the references and the Guidelines to understand the task, go through the Pinterest API.

I got it.Thanks for the help