Milestone 3 - Module 5

While connecting to my laptop using Filezilla, we need to transfer a file so as to know details about the client_connection_file_transfer.pcap. Whenever I try to run the tcpdump command while transferring it always exceeds the size of 2MB. Also, when I am checking for the port in Wireshark I am not able to find it.

Can someone tell how to go about it?

Hi @antas_sinha,

You’ll have to filter out irrelevant network packets, have a look at this

I am already giving the command in tcpdump for not port 8080 which will help me to remove the irrelevant requests.But still the file size is exceeding 20 MB.

There was one more port with high traffic when I was working on it. Try running tcpdump o/p onto terminal w/o running QBox server/client. You’ll see the culprits.

And also, try running tcpdump just before you hit connect on Filezilla and terminate the process immediately after Filezilla usage

Dude, tcpdump keeps running and running. How will I find the culprit port.

Also, I already tried your technique of terminating the process early. If I do that I don’t get anything in the wireshark where we need to search for the ports.

Well you can try the test for file size just greater than 2mb as it said “it might fail” or you can add filter like port not **** while doing tcpdump . Well which interface you are using?

I can test on a file size more than 2mb but then I will have to put it back in workspace. Then my build will fail. I tried the filter port not but the problem is i am not able to get the relevant details for that milestone.

Well there are filters available you can search online or read manpage of tcpdump. You can export the filtered packets to another pcap to pass the modules if you understood the concepts here.

Did it work for you.

I am unable to understand what you are saying.

have you tried to read the manpage of tcpdump . In most of the cases the error can be resolved by having full knowledge over the topic.

Use a really small file for transfer, and filtering port 8080 during tcpdump should work. Just run the command, transfer the file and as soon as it’s done terminate tcpdump. This is the solution I used.

Where to transfer file for analyzing this milestone?

You have to transfer files b/w your laptop & the workspace(QBox server)

You need to transfer files between your server and laptop, either an upload or download