Milestone #3 incorrect file permission version

I can’t understand what actually we have to figure out in incorrect_file_permission_versions.
should we compare the different beta versions to benchmark version or the files that will transferred by the different beta versions to transferred file of the benchmark version.

Hey, please understand the task here,
you are comparing different versions of vsftpd by transferring a file.
You have to understand what happens when you transfer a file from client to server, which version changes the file Permission.

Ok, we have to compare file permission after and before file transfer.

check if the file permissions of beta versions of vsftpd match those of the benchmark version

Since they use the same config file, won’t the uploaded files of beta versions have the same file permissions as the benchmark version?
I need a little more clarity on what does file permission mean here? I’m assuming the permission column of ls -l command.

yaa, exactly all file permissions are same.
I’m totally exhaust.
what actually I have to compare.
please help me!!!

The file permissions need not be driven only by config file, the vsftpd process may be assigning some default permissions.
However, there could be config parameters that will override this behaviour. Read the manual page for vsftpd’s config file to understand them.

Also, note that as specified in the instructions, if you upload a file that is already present (i.e. overwrite), the existing permissions will be retained. So, upload a file that doesn’t exist.