Milestone 3 got same file permission

getting same file permission for all version without editing the conf file. I don’t understand can u plz tell me what i need to do?

Before or after adding the flags in vsftpd.conf file?

getting before is it right?

i am getting same file permission without any change in conf file ? Is the way right?

No it is not right…there is one or more version having incorrect file permission. You might have overwritten the file, upload a new file everytime and you will see the change.

i am doing touch command before put command to create empty file. Then i will use put to copy content from ftp_client folder to ftp_server folder/file.txt and for every version i delete the file.txt
recreate the file.

why dont you use put command directly! change the destination folder using cd command.

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thanks it works. I passed unit testing

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