Milestone 3 got same file permission

I just created a file in ~/ftp_server to upload and upload for each version of vsftpd and got the same file permission rw-r--r-- for each version.
I deleted the existing file before uploading again and also created the for every version.
I ran vsftpd.conf with every version of vsftpd without any changes.
I cant understand how to proceed through this. Where I’m doing the worng?

You have to note each and every changes, either it is memory change or anything that you will have to figure it out.

@gouravsardana Yes, sir I know that. I want to know that for checking file_permission my procedure is right or wrong and what I found is correct?

@gouravsardana i’m also facing the same situation. help please.

Read the instruction carefully and figure it out and notice each and every change

please make changes in configuration file according to the instructions given.

@ssndhu01 Yes, I made change two config flag in vsftpd.conf file. And I got same file permission for each version

Please go through these references provided by Team…

@ssndhu01 I have to add different config flag? My only problem is I am getting same file permission for each version.

You have to set proper value for those flag. please study these refernce before trying anything. in these refernces everything is properly mentioned.

@ssndhu01 I set config flag what to change?

please read these topics. I can’t tell you more than that.

Read up on the references and update these flags based on the permissions that you want for that file.

@abhishek_chandar I am getting the same file permission for each version, but its not correct I know. But I cant understand where I am doing wrong?

Hi those changes in config file was made so that you will get same file permissions in all the versions. Remove those two flags from config files and you will see a version which has different file permissions than the benchmark.

Ok, I am trying what you said.

@rohit357 I am tried but in that case I am getting DELETED for all versions.Now what to do?

Did you delete the file each time before trying new versions this time?

@rohit357 Ok , I finally got it. Thanks.

Write one or all the versions which have different permissions. And you should stop posting answers here. Follow the guidelines.