Milestone 3 Assessment failing with returncode > 0! Check your code


My assessment is failing. My entries are formatted like this:

Line 1 - Integers separated by a comma and a space for each of the packet number involved in one of the TCP connection handshakes

Line 2 - 3 digit integer representing time converted to the milliseconds

Kindly look into it. Thanks.

The client_connection_file_transfer.pcap seems corrupted, can you check and submit again.

Ok, let me try that.

Thanks @Kiran, that worked. I had uploaded an earlier version I had in my laptop to the workspace and wrong Dropbox link on wget returned an HTML file.

@Kiran I’m facing the same problem. Can you please look into it.

Your filename packet_numbers_for_tcp_connection_setup seems to have a leading space. Could you rename the file without the space at the beginning and submit.

Thanks! That solved the problem.