Milestone 2 confusion

How do I transfer the ping_traceroute.pcap file from workspace to my laptop for being able to use by wireshark?

Hint- apply what you have learnt in module 3.

I’m using filezilla to transfer but its giving error. Please help.

Are you running the server and ftp correctly?

In filezilla, it shows the ping_traceroute.pcap file, but when I click on download, it says

Error:Failed to open “/etc/ping_traceroute.pcap” for writing
Error:File transfer failed

How to connect to the workspace from filezilla, what to specify in the port?

when I try to open the pcap file in wireshark it says “The capture file appears to be damaged or corrupt.”

Make sure you are creating the pcap file using tcpdump correctly

This post might help

My filesize is 411 kb, but its giving error?


  • If you are using the redirection(> or >>) to save tcpdump output to the file, it will be saved as text(even though named .pcap) You can try opening the file to check this

  • For the purpose of the milestone, we need to store contents in the format Wireshark can read. For this use tcpdump itself to write output to a file. See man tcpdump to find the appropriate flag to use.

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Capture file using tcpdump options… Google a bit… You will find …