Milestone 1: workspace becomes irresponsive after creating 1gb file

Since after i tried creating 1gb file in ftp_server…my workspace becomes irresponsive and it is not opening…the terminal says starting even after long time…any solutions…Is there is any way to run workspace using college net that works on proxy servers as mobile data is not that fast.workspace never opens using college net even i always eliminated cache…still i was able to open it before creating 1gb file…help plzzz…

Check if you have already created the files in the workspace in another or same directory.If already created,then it would slow down the workspace and the bash shell wouln’t start.

i have created ftp_server and ftp_client folder outside the workspace…then try creating a 1gb file in ftp_server

which command are you using for creating the 1gb file…??
Maybe resetting the workspace may help.

there is a ftp_server and ftp_client folder inside workspace as well, make sure you havent created your file in that…

Use this as a reference.