Milestone 1 module 4

I am very confused regarding the cpu% . When i observe top command during upload of file it reaches 23% under category of CPU% for vsftpd. Whereas when i run
ps -p -o %cpu this command it gives 2.3% or something as usage. Can anyone please guide if I am on right track and please guide regarding memory usage as well. Do we have to look at RES for memory? Thank you in advance!

It’s not a problem if you use TOP command too, you have to analyse which version makes a considerable change to the CPU and the memory while the file is being transferred.
Hope this solved your problem :slight_smile:

Sir I have a query related to the % that I saw n memory which we have to analyse. I saw 23% as CPU% in this category and while running the command ps -p -o %cpu it dropped to fixed value of 2.3%. Like rest of the people mentioned I did not see it as 0% or closer to zero “during” uploading and downloading. I m still a bit confused :sweat_smile: