Milestone 1 done,but a small doubt in its route

@Kiran @amanagar
1.when i am opening .pcap in wireshark, there are two address in it, one is source and other is destination,for my QBox server(when i am responding back) the source is ip address of my interface,but I can’t understand what is my destination address, its neither public ip of my laptop nor private ip,
2. also i used TRACERT(from my pc), it doesn’t show that source ip address in its path which is being shown in wireshark?
what exactly is happening?
please tell me if i am wrong,
according to me as soon as i hit enter, “ping ip address” it goes to router of my network converts my private ip to public ip through NAT, then it hops on different routers to reach the destination,when reaching the router which contains the destination ip address,it converts the ip address of router to private ip to reach the particular interface and then same steps during response.

is it correct? or i am missing something?

Hey @anmol1point0 as you will go forward into module 5 you will get it and for now Private IP address is used to communicate within same network
but when you are try to communicate to outer network then PC uses public ip address then address is assigned by Internet sevice provider so ISP can provide any ip address because on that there will be hops and they will provide public ips according to their ips

sir ,i still don’t get it.
is the steps I have written are correct?
and what is that second address in my wireshark?

Hey @anmol1point0 you need to understand that to connecting to a server or pinging to a particular server then it goes through multiple hops which works as router to redirect you next nearest hop and then it pings the server as you can see that using command tracert and because of public ip this is not necessary that it will be same as it will go from different hops because it depends on ISP and hops.