MileStone #1 Access to test cases

When I submit my code I get these tests failing, is it possible to get access to the details of the test cases??, the other day I was able to see which specific tests were failing but today i see that the tests are not availble…

Have you implemented the split_list function that is required? If you observe the milestones and the code carefully, you will be required to create a function called split_list which does the job of splitting the linked list as required by the breakdown.

How to get access to test cases, I remember few days I received perf-cases failing…?

You should get it automatically after a few attempts, you should get a popup and it will be there in the right panel slideout accessible via the bulb icon. Is not showing up for you?

I tried the code multiple times, I don’t see that option popping up…

Hey Irfan,
I think you are possibly confusing two different things here:

  1. Assessment test cases - if you fail assessment submission more than twice, you will be able to see them.
  2. Unit tests in approach pack that are for your guidance - Whatever you see in LinkedListRandomReversal.cpp are unit tests that help you split your overall work into smaller pieces and confirm they work. As Raghu mentioned what you seem to be running into are compilation errors that you haven’t implemented split_list. If you look at the initial walkthrough video for Approach pack, you will realize that these help you test your logic piece by piece and you can always comment them to start with. Kindly get the walkthrough video from Mohit and that will give you more clarity.

I have re-done the code, I perf cases failing, Perf hints opening takes long time more than 30 minutes each, is that expected? delay…

Also in one of the case the output is very long, is that expected? or am i seeing something wrong…

  1. Yes, delay is intentional.
  2. yes perf cases are big.
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I have marked all done, Module 1 assessment is sucessfull but I still don’t the
#1 debrief not visible.
#2 Module 2 is still locked… Could someone open the module2?

Can you please check if your module 2 is unlock or not ?

It still shows locked…

Can you please check now. Just do a refresh and see.

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Yes it is. Thank you so much.

Just a quick question, there is debrief available in these modules, is that normal?


There is a debrief. But i guess due to some issue it was not working for you. We will fix this. You will not face any difficulty further :slight_smile:

In all psds approach mods debrief does not come up. Please check all mods. Thank you.

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Is there some technical issue, I still don’t see the debriefs for any of the modules… and also could someone open Mod3 for me in Approach of LinkedLists

Hey there is no debrief for approach pack.

Is it possible to open Mod3?

Have you passed Mod-2 assessment? If so, module-3 will be unlocked automatically.