Merge conflict while submitting code

While submitting the files, it is showing merge conflict in secure_file_transfer.pcap and unsecure_file_transfer.pcap although it is created by me. What to do?

Share the exact console output here

looks like there is a merge conflict in secure_file_transfer.pcap and unsecure_file_transfer.pcap.
This was written

How is that possible! Did you commit everything properly?

ofcourse…and i tried 3-4 times same thing happened

You can try this i.e. just copy those files which has to be submitted in the new repo:

What conflict are you getting? Or just look at the incoming change and keep the final one.

@Kiran any solution?

Check if you have made any changes to the files locally. Back them up to a temporary place and remove your current changes ( checkout), Then pull from remote and you shouldn’t have any merge conflicts. You can then overwrite the files from your backup and push.