Merge Conflict not resolved

  1. Describe the issue briefly
    I followed the video, when i did - git pull ME_QEATS_REVIEW_MP_MODULE_FACEBOOK_SHARE_FROM_APK_STUB master --allow-unrelated-histories, – it showed merge conflict and I accepted the changes, according to the video in file. I did not get any conflict on uploader file. aFTER this, I again gave the above command. I even did git reset --hard HEAD command and again followed the steps. But it still shows me merge conflict and 17 unmerged files. PLEASE HELP…

  2. How much time have you spent debugging this issue?
    (Please spend at least 15 minutes to resolve the issue on your own before posting a new topic here)
    More than a hour

  3. What is your hypothesis?
    Nothing as such :frowning:

git reset --hard HEAD
this takes you back to your latest commit.

You need not perform this if you resolve all the merge conflicts properly. The above command has to be used in case you want to get back to the previous working version .

Now that you have pulled the code again. Just resolve all the merge conflicts and proceed with other tasks. follow the instructions given in setup.

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