Merge conflict in metadata.json in qbox

As I had completed module1 assessment in Qbox and I was fetching for 2nd module I got a merge conflict in metadata.json a file I did not even edit and when I went through the merge conflict the incoming changes and the head were identical so selected head and proceeded and then I saw metadata.json in the unstaged area(red) so I added it using git ad its path and then I saw a few other files ready to be committed in the staged area so I committed them all. I am not completely sure whether it was the correct way or not.
please do let me know whether it was the correct way to proceed or not.

Hi @Vibhu007,

You proceeded in the right manner. However, you need to accept the incoming change since metadata is different for each module. Once that is done, you can commit that file like others and proceed with your work.

Hope this helps!

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