Mazed between local and Remote directory

I know this might sound silly :sweat_smile: but I’m quite confused between local and remote working directories.
Which one is the client and which one is the server?
I searched over net but all I got is links which guide how to configure these directories.
Also, at Crio module 3, I think both the server and client are on the sam machine so I’m not able to figure it out.
Please clarify.
Thanks in advance.

may be this will help
basically, in simple words, local directory is the directory in which you are working in workspace(i.e workspace/Qbox)
and remote directory refers to the original directory from where you have done pull request
i.e github directory
so, In general, remote directory correspond to Server whereas local corresponds to the client

Are these terms reference based?
I mean to say, suppose I and you are connected with ftp so, for me I’m the client you are the server and for you I’m the server you are the client?
Please correct me if I’m mistaken to understand.