Malformed request

I able to get the postman response but I cant seem to understand how to make the python request.I have added headers and the data field but I am getting a malformed response.

I have spent almost 2 hours on this.

Check again if the value of parameters is the same as in Postman.
Don’t hard-code anything.
Your parameters are incorrect.

But after converting to json I am getting the same response as that of postman.Is it still incorrect?

I am facing the same issue too

same here…
postman is working fine, but in python invalid request error is occurring…

@suraj @ankyy
Your parameters aren’t correct.

No its not incorrect. You will receive same response.

Is your issue resolved?

I am getting the list of the tags.

Then you have to return the tags name from the response you got.

I have done that in the from of a list.

Check TODO’s in file at line 202.
Your issue of Malformed request is gone then, so I’m closing the issue.

I couldn’t resolve issue

Check you parameters.
First try to do it in Postman then to to python.
Don’t hardcode anything.
Make sure you are using the correct parameters and passing the parameters in a correct way.
If the Issue still persists.
Create you own post and post your issue there.