mainCalculateAnnualReturn() Assertion Error

All test cases except this one from workspace have passed. I have used the debugger to check values for the list and the error is less than the delta given in test. The sorted order for list is also correct.
I have uploaded a pic of the return list from debugger.
I have already taken correct sell price and buy prices also.

Make sure test file is not altered while development.

This is the test function pls reply if it’s altered in any way.

It fails in the first assertion itself for some weird reason.

But you were telling the tests have passed locally ?

Sorry my mistake corrected it.

@hardikm It seems that the issue is resolved, as you have moved onto next module.

And the possible reason for your error would be

  • Calculation mistake of annualized returns
  • Passing of wrong parameters
  • Not following the TODO’s properly

Please refer to the following FAQ

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