Magical url not returning proper data in code

Is this the correct api we have to use

refer this:

i have gone through that but i am not getting where i am lacking

Is it returning the data ?

only 6 rows in code but many rows in web browser

try to use outputsize parameter in url.

not working bro is my url correct?

use function DAILY only, use outputsize parameter and give your apikey correctly and then try to run this url in browser if it’s working in browser and not in your code then your code might be faulty.

I too have the same error. Link is working in browser but when i call TIME_SERIES_DAILY through code, TIME_SERIES_DAILY_ADJUSTED output is being shown in the debugger and only six elements are returned.

Alphavantage api call don’t return with startdate and enddate. You have to write your logic to get the all stock data between startdate and enddate.

Yes i know that. But the problem is the API itself is returning six items only, and i am calling TIME_SERIES_DAILY yet getting output of TIME_SERIES_DAILY_ADJUSTED .

It’s ok there is no problem with it. have you applied json annotations?

Check AlphavantageCandle class they also give 2 references.

Yes i have put annotations or else i wouldn’t have gotten output right?
Below is the screenshot of the debugger, and note that i am calling TIME_SERIES_DAILY here yet TIME_SERIES_DAILY_ADJUSTED is being returned.

Screenshot (74)

Only six objects are returned that too of TIME_SERIES_DAILY_ADJUSTED , when i am calling on TIME_SERIES_DAILY.

i am getting same output but not getting why this is happening.

Is this output between your startdate and enddate ?

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yes actually it is between the range, i’ll try going forward with it and update the status.
Thank you so much for your help till now!!

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this is output after mapping the json to map

Did your problem solved??

It’s just date between stratdate and enddate try to implement further and check the test cases are passing.