Lost All My Code

Actually by mistake there have been formed two versions two different codes , one inside the workspace folder, and one outside workspace folder, can you reset my whole code to default, i won’t mind doing my first module again

Hey @ajit14, please delete the folder outside workspace folder and work with the one inside it. Navigate outside workspace folder in terminal by typing “cd …” and you can confirm your location by typing “ls” and you should see workspace directory and the duplicate directory. Delete the folder by typing command “rm -r directory_name”.

Sir but folder inside by workspace doesn’t have any code

Try performing “remote add” and “pull” operations mentioned in setup at beginning of module after navigating inside the folder present in workspace. Perform “cd diectory_name” to navigate.

Tried that also Sir, but still nothing happens

Sir Can You Pleae once look at my code, i don’t no what’s going rong in it, now ther workspace/tajit_me/tajit_me like is formed