Log file not created

i am successfully able to share files between server and client but no log file is created in ~/workpsace/
can anyone tell me what is the problem??

In the config file there is a place to set the path for .log file and allow it to log the records.
Are those correctly written as instructed in the milestone?

have a look at these parameters

i guess this is the right thing!

Yes! Is it working?.

no it is not working

vsftpd_log_file must be added but xferlog_enable is already present right?

Hey just follow instructions which is given and make sure you have defined path correctly and there are no any typos and just check vsftpd.conf file because vsftpd.conf file is responsible for vsftpd.log file destination.

Done with it Sir, Thank you @amanagar

Same as your problem. I have modified vsftpd_v1.conf and started the vsftpd but log file is not created :confused:

read the given instruction carefully
for reference write these into ur config file