List<POCO class>

How to work with List-POCO class- as there are multiple urls which leads to multiple return of getForObject?

Use your programming logic here, understand the task, you are using a Rest Template Call in a loop,
You have to deserialize the JSON response in terms of a POJO.
Refer to the following FAQ,

If i don’t use the Rest Template Call in a loop, then how to deal with multiple URLs?

Sorry if i wasn’t clear before, you have to use a loop to make respective API calls, once an object is assigned with some value, it can be re-usable again, Hope this solves your issue.

Please tell me if I am on the right track.
Have been working on this for a whole day now :sweat:

Hi, what exactly is the issue you are facing?

How to use these calls in a loop?

Remember the list of symbols you extracted in milestone 1 ? You have to call your API for each of those symbols.