List out of index

concepts = data_json[‘outputs’][0][‘data’][‘concepts’]

why this part of my code throwing index erroe:list out of index

Instead of using Square operator for accessing data try to use .get method of dictionary.
Each time u do use a get try to store the results in a variable and again apply get method on that stored variable unless and until you want a desired output

{‘status’: {‘code’: 11009, ‘description’: ‘API key not found’, ‘details’: ‘invalid key(f6c50a4f464170d1c30884af0934c9b1c3fdc64c)’, ‘req_id’: ‘7c4d679362964b39ade774a87241d624’}, ‘outputs’: []}

can u please figure out what’s issue ?

Please check your file and remove the space after “CLARIFAI_API_KEY=”