Just a general question of real case scenario

So we are always provided with the TODOs in the micro experience . To be honest I never actually went with the complete code as to what other parts are doing or why is this file being created or not. I wish to know how is it in the real world. Do we get such segregated workspace. Do we know what exactly we need to do on the first place like we are instructed by Crio Team. Or exactly how we approach their codes in general ?

During the start of your career? Yes. You will be doing fairly straight-forward tasks similar to what you are doing here.
In the start of your career, its usually more code + debug amd less research. This is the time where you get a chance to prove your programming skills!

If you do well in this phase, new opportunities will open for you, where you will do more work on research and less on code.

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I believe we have a perfect reply for this, well explained by @anand-crio that how coding and debugging happens in a real life scenario and during the first phases of our career as software developers.

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