Java test Runner is not showing test report at the end

Unable to see the values calculated by the program as it is always empty.
It is same with browser also. Both are blank.

Hey, can you support this with a screenshot?

Hey are you running a specific test case in the test file or is it for all the cases of the particular test file

It is same for all the test cases which ever i try to debug.

can you reset your workspace and try again?

Sir , i’ve done it already. Nothin happens !

I dont see you are running any tests…

Seriously ?
Sir, at the bottom of the screenshot(status bar) we can see that the test case is failed.
Can you please log into my workspace and make it work.

Hey, I just ran a test case on your workspace,
It is working perfectly, may I know what the problem is ?

Update: I have checked all the test cases in your test files , they all are working.

how could that be possible. I’m unable to pass them. Let me check now.
Have you altered any settings ?

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