java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException at AlphavantageServiceTest

This error is really frustrating i have check my code even getting value after debugging but dont know why this error keep on popping again and again whenever i am running this command

./gradlew test --tests AlphavantageServiceTest

stuck on this from 2 days.

Make sure that you have properly instantiated Arraylist
(like List<> list = new ArrayList<>()) something like this.

yes i have properly instantiated Arraylist.

when you debug you can actually see the contents of List in variables tab to the left try to check if there are elements in list

yes i can see the contents in list and i have checked it its working normally.

finally solved the issue i was using isBefore() and isEqual() method change those method and use different approach and issue solved.

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Well done! Seems like we have solution for this query, Ill be closing this ticket. If you face any problem in future, feel free to raise a new query.