Is the server running?

i run the vsftpd_v1 and .conf files and the terminal is showing blank. so i run the netstat -an and didn’t find vsftpd_v1? what should i do?

if you want to see if a process is running or not enter this command in terminal
pstree | grep vsftpd_v1

if you want to see connection of vsftpd
netstat -tupln


this means i am connected, right?

Check for ftp connections in netstat. You should find atleast one “listen” and if the connection is successful, there should also be a “established” ftp process as well.

their is none. can’t find any ftp. so server not running?

Are you running the vsftpd command and netstat simultaneously on different terminal windows?

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Do netstat -an and look for the IP address manually if you are not sure which keyword to use in grep.