InvalidDefinitionException in assessment

Getting this error on both hidden test cases:

com.crio.qeats.controller.RestaurantControllerDebugModuleHiddenTest1 > hiddenTest2() FAILED     com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.exc.InvalidDefinitionException at

Both the android app and build is working fine. I am getting expected resposes, other tests pass and the android app doesn’t crash.

Please refer these discussion and see if they help

No args constructor fixed it. But it wasn’t required for the actual code or tests, how can hidden test cases expect us to declare it ? Anyways, now I am getting:
first passed.

    org.opentest4j.AssertionFailedError at

There can be several ways to handle the bug - removing invalid objects, change encoding, replace some chars etc. How am I supposed to know which one you’re expecting ?

EDIT: It got solved after I moved it from service layer to controller layer. well, I was doing it in service layer not repo layer, it shouldn’t fail I guess.

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