Invalid OAuth acess token error

{“error”:{“message”:“Invalid OAuth access token.”,“type”:“OAuthException”,“code”:190,“fbtrace_id”:“A0B3PgvNLpq-LLbzWgWoTJn”}}

not able to solve this error…plz help!

did you try to upload the image through Postman?

But in to do task it is said that we need to just give a url in python code

I am getting the same error. Please help.

You can try proceeding as it mentioned in instructions. Refer for more.

How can i check whether my access code is still valid or not

Just want to confirm we do not have to generate access token just have to use the variable provided in python code

still not getting the way to come out of it!

you have to write the function to publish a photo to facebook too. writing the url is just a very small part of the task of module 1.

yes i have return the function to publish the photo

i have done the same thing as instructed in the publish photo function then also it is giving this error.

do you want me to send you my function on slack

Hello Guys,
As per reports & Errors you are getting. I have personally checked the access token & Token is working fine. You are not following instructions carefully. Please do read them carefully.

{‘error’: {‘message’: ‘Invalid OAuth access token.’, ‘type’: ‘OAuthException’, ‘code’: 190, ‘fbtrace_id’: ‘AqQ5E76lF0twIjKS68y-Nuh’}}
Please Help.

You are not following the instructions carefully.
Check the message on the slack #announcement 5:07 PM and make sure you are using the correct URL.
First try sending the request via Postman, then move to code.
If you have done that then make sure you are passing the correct parameters and passing the correct parameters in a correct format.

@Yash1 Kindly do not share even partial code, follow the community guidelines. This is not fair to others who want to attempt the problems on their own.

there is a mistake in the way you are writing the url.

Sorry for that sir !
I stuck for more than 4 hours but still can’t figure out the solution to my problem please atleast give a hint and Yes , I’m a beginner in development . I do CP this is new to me.

Are you using the parameters that are provided in the functions?
As in CP, you use the parameters that are provided to you in the function, or hard-code that one test case which is given.

ok, so have you tried using the debugger? what do you think could be the issue?
could you please try to use the debugger and figure out what all is wrong with your code, you can even print things out and check to see if its as expected.

could you also go through the following if you havem’t aldready|