Internal ip of sever

what’s error in this ! already crossed checked
@Crio-Admin @Vinod_Crio_TA @anand-crio @Pallav_crio


Returncode > 0 means the file format is incorrect.
If that extra line needs to contain something, add it. Otherwise remove it. Ensure no trailing or leading space after IP address either.

Let me know if it helps!

@shoryajain , its not working

What’s the error as per log file?

the same , return code >0

Did you check all these things?

I think the IP address you have submitted is wrong one. Please look into it.

Use ifconfig command for internal address

You added an extra line in the file (empty line number 2). That will throw an assertion error. Remove that line (Hit Backspace)

Sometimes ip changed will time… it will most likely to change if you have checked ip a day before and you have submitted it next day or so…
Before you submit make sure you have run the ifconfig and got the latest ip :slight_smile:

@vaibhav98 i think it really doesn’t matter what your current ip is …as long as you have written the same internal ip during the capture of packets and making pcap file .(test cases only matches both)