Increased_time_taken_analysis, the faulty version is not at all responding

the faulty version is not at all responding, even the download and upload time is not showing. What should we analyse to compare with benchmark?

What do you mean by it’s not responding? Is it stalled? Can you verify if it is actually transferring slowly or is it some other problem? Maybe try checking the size of the destination file during transfer. If you are sure that the transfer time is slow, maybe you can wait till it is over and note how long it took.

on the ftp console, its stuck after ‘put’ command.
the time taken is not displaying on the ftp console.
but the file is shown the destination folder, but how to calculate the time taken

the main point is, how to get the time taken for uploading and downloading, if it is not displaying on the ftp console

What does the top process show after you try to do put? See if the process is still running.

process runs for a while, then it stops after transferring of file.

And after it stops transferring, is the FTP terminal still stuck on put?

yeah, the ftp server is stuck

Check the destination file size. Are you sure that it transferred 1GB completely?

yeah, it is very slowly transferring, should i wait completely for 1GB file to get transferred?

You can if you want to, but there’s no need. Proceed further.