Incorrect version specified in file

I have mentioned all the beta versions of vsftp that give file permissions not matching with the benchmark. On submission, this is the only test case that failed and the log says that the versions mentioned are not correct.

I am facing the same issue. Stuck on this since 2 hours.

I have the same query. Can someone please look into it?

Things to check for this milestone -

  1. Check your config file as this decides the right solution.
  2. Check where you are looking the file permissions. We want the file permissions of the files on the server to match with the benchmark versions.
  3. Do not overwrite the same file as it won’t change the permissions.
  4. Upload a new file for each versions.

1st point should matter the most.

It means, that you have found wrong versions. You have to analyse again to get the correct one.

please check weather you have exactly given the name that they have specified for file.

@ankitraj Thanks but I already know this.

The first thing I did after the assessment results still no luck!

then you must have mentioned the wrong versions. How many versions are u getting which have wrong permissions?

@Reha I figured my mistake. I had mistakenly set the benchmark file permission to the default permission of the dummy 1GB file and hence I was comparing the file permission of beta versions with this.

@sg27 How many should there be? I have found one version only

@sudonitin Can you elaborate on this? The benchmark we have to test against is the uploaded file permission for v1, correct?

Yes u are right @Jayesh