In which packet abnormal connectiontion to be seen?

Packet number where an abnormal connection termination is first seen.I enteref the first packetnumber with FIN and ACK…Unit test failed what will the problem??

The reason may be that you might have identified a wrong packet.
Please try to search about the flags that are enabled for the abnormal connection termination.

I entered the packet with RST flag still it fails.Can you please provide me some resource to know about abnormal connections

Make sure you have entered all the three lines correctly

  • First line: Packet number where an abnormal connection termination is first seen.
  • Second line: Who is initiating the connection termination (provide the IP address)?
  • Third line onwards: Use the previously collected pcap file client_connection_file_transfer.pcap indicating a normal connection termination between your laptop and the QBox host. Paste the packet numbers that show the normal connection termination.

Yes ,I did it correctly.IP address to be provided of source of the packet ??

I stuck here only pls help

Yes you are thinking right.

Hey, it has been more than 12 hours since we have got a reply from your side. I am closing this query if the problem persists feel free to raise a new query :slight_smile: