In module 3 milestone 3 with external client, where do we have to upload the files

I am uploading files using filezilla nad andftp and its getting uploaded in /home/crio-user/. nut my test case is failing. Where/which directory do we have to upload the files in external client task

You can find the specific directory to which the file has to be uploaded, if any, in the task milestone itself. Also, as an added note, please check that you have correctly copied the log file to the right folder after performing all the tasks specified.

I cannot understand your last statement of copying the log file currently to the right folder as no such mention is provided in the milestone. Can you please elaborate?

After doing all the transfers, including from external and local client, the last step in milestone 3 calls for copying the log file. Please go through it. Without that your assessment will fail since the evaluation is carried out using it.

My test case is failing after copying the log file also. Actually i am creating new user for andftp client because it is not taking crio-user and the new user file is getting uploaded at another directory as compared to that of the filezilla client which saves it in /home/crio-user/.

Hey @shubh just follow instructions and references which are provided in module and milestone and for assurance make sure your vsftpd.log file is capturing logs of the connections establishment with external_client/local_client and to check this use cat command to print vsftpd.log file into CLI because your assessment is judging on the basis of your vsftpd.log it tries to find out logs of specific task completion.