In milestone 4 tcp_issue1.pcap file is empty!1

in QBox -> tcp_issue1.pcap file is empty. Now how i analyze it ???
Please help !!!

Are you reading this file in Wireshark?

No i check it with ls command but it empty

Read the file in Wireshark, you will able to see the packets then.

But by mistake i override it.Now what i do ??

execute setup command again

I capture 2-3 time but every time i can’t get window size zero.

just execute tar command provided in milestone 5 setup 1. Only tar command.

Google it and Check the wireshark command to find zero size window.

Does it effect on other file or not ?? I mean my analysis file

no,it would not affect other files. just execute tar command only.

Okay thanks I do it !!!

check it and let me know it works or not

Yes it worked. Thanks