In milestone 2 of module 5 , after cloning annual-app in workspace directory error is coming in all java file

This error are coming from wrong import syntax. How to remove this error need if have to clone all java file from main directory from qmoney.

I think you need not clone any files again

use this : ctrl+shift+p
and then type in : organize imports,

I don’t think that the import syntax are wrong…if you think so , please check it from gitlab code stubs that are given to us,
organizing import might solve this. Maybe later you need to check the lexicographical order of the imports too. But am not sure why it is that way in all java file

just try this once.

Hi @parv,

There are two possible solutions to this approach. I’ll recommend you implement them both.

First, organise the imports. You can press Ctrl+Shift+P , then type Organize Imports on the search bar that comes up and press Enter. That way, your imports will be organised. If the issue still persists, manually make sure that the imports are in lexicographical order. As a last measure, you can also try hard refresh of your workspace by pressing Ctrl+Shift+R and then waiting for workspace to be built completely. That should take care of the issues.

Also, please do not remove any import files since they might be needed later.

Let me know if the issue persists!

The ctrl+shift+p method will solve any import problems underlined in yellow,
for those that are marked in red hover your mouse over them and try to understand what it says.
also you can try reading through the “quick fixes”.

in the end if all else fails, then you can comment out the erroneous imports and see which functions are getting affected and then approach them from there.

Hope this helps

Hey since you are in module 6, I am closing this ticket