In Milestone 2, AnnualizedReturns give null on response 200

Screenshot from 2020-03-07 21-50-45

Annualizes Returns gives a null value
Error - Cannot read property ‘forEach’ of null I am having same error.

Hey by any chance, are your getting any UR anamoly or DU anamoly?

No sir, it isn’t giving any anamoly.

somewhere you are getting null in your logic, can you please check your portfoliomanagerImpl file and understand as to why this is happening?

I have checked and all the unit tests are running successfully.
Also the build was successful

can you do a gradlew run --args “trades.json 2019-12-12” and point out :slight_smile:

similar issue. When i run gradlew run --args “trades.json 2019-12-12” shows build fail.
i passed the previous module.