In benchmarking milestone which cpu% is to be used

Sir i read about the top command and i am able to transfer the data to a file. I read about the 7 type cpu usage shown in top command and ‘wa’ is used for read and write operations. Should i use this a parameter or the sum of all cpu usage expect idle(‘id’) or in my case the child process of vsftpd_v1 of which the owner is crio-user is using the CPU the most because during download the cpu usage of ftp is higher while uploading the vsftpd_v1(server) cpu usage is higher.

check this out this will help

this is about memory usage, i want to know about cpu usage?

hey @shubh if you will read this you will find out that it’s atmost same for both memory and cpu and also try to explain your question correctly because the thing that i have understood is you are asking about cpu usage of vsftpd process.

hint: you have to monitor parent process while upload and download is happening

Sir the parent process is sudo vsftpd_v1 but the cpu usage change is visible in vsftpd_v1 where crio-user is the owner

I just added the Memory and CPU% of all of the vsftpd processes.