In Annual Return App

There are some errors in PortfolioResponse and AnnualReturnsController in Annual return app And there is no task which specifies correction of them.
How should I deal with them ?

There is no error in the Annual Return App it’s working perfectly fine… you don’t need to touch the code part of the annual-return-app

If you are getting error like… module not found… then… lemme ask you… have you published your repo to the local Maven?

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Bro everything works fine expect this App. I think I have cloned wrong repo. because yesterday crio team shared some other url.
Am I right ?

yes there was an issue with the link… but if you have cloned from
then the app is perfect… trust me :slight_smile:

and by everything is working fine, you sure your repo is getting published to the local Maven, right?

./gradlew verifyMavenJarsCreated

this scripts shows “All Maven repository files are created and in place”.
Doesn’t it mean my repo is published ?

git clone

And I have cloned from here.

nopes… that just mean build is successfull…

  1. firstly you have to make few changes in the build.gradle file insde the qmoney directory
  2. then publish the repo using a gradle command

Go through this link, it will certainly help :slight_smile:

awesome :slight_smile:
then you don’t have to worry about anything inside the annual-return-app repo… everything works perfectly

Yes, After changing things in build.gradle file inside the qmoney directory
Task 1’s test
“./gradlew verifyMavenJarsCreated” shows "All Maven repository files are created and in place” ---------- “Test successful”

What does it mean ?

it just means, the gradle is successfully building the project and all the tests are passing… but are you sure that it is publishing your repo to the local Maven?
How can you publish the repo to the local Maven?

no errors are there , some methods showing as undefined are taken care of by lombok annotations on that class.
you need not worry about them.