I have cretaed new board but post are pinning to pinterest board but failing assessment

post are pinning to pinterest board but only one test failed and i have waited for exactly 1 hour 15 minute and even after that it failed. Then i have created a new app and paste new board id and token id it but even now the post is pinning to new board but test case is failing. please help ASAP and in my test.test_views there is no PinterestUtilClass

The format of your URL is wrong.
Import the cURL code in Postman, see how it works and then try to do it in python.
Check the following links.

i didn’t get it if my format for url is wrong then how images are showing in pinterest board

The way a test case is handled is different than executing a code.
Check the above links also this one.

i have tried changing it sir but still the same error is showing and i don’t what is wrong in url. I have changed almost 12-13 times. and i still can’t figure out what is wrong.

The pinterest API limits how many time you can send a request in an hour and that’s 10.
You have hit your limit, try again after 1 hour.
Alternatively you can create a new access token with a new account.

yeah i tried it with 3 apps and the last app i made i only access it 3 times. one for board creation. one for testing from curl and one for assessment

You are passing parameters in wrong way.
Tip: check your URL.

Don’t tell what you did. You are partially sharing the code which is against guidelines.
Your code is fine.
You have again exceeded the API limit.
Wait some time and then try again in an hour.