I cannot pause the debug

Whenever clicks on the pause button it finishes instead of pausing the whole debugging thus not able to type args[0] in debug window.

Make sure you place the breakpoint on the line which says return … . Only then will the debugger pause. Read the TODOs in the file.

If you place the break point outside the method code, the debugger won’t pause. Try placing it at or before the return statement. Let me know if that helps.

Yes, adding a break point will help in pausing the debugging.

You can read through this to get a better idea. https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/editor/debugging#_breakpoints


  1. If you are placing the break point outside the method code,
  • As @shoryajain mentioned, you have to do it within the method. Else, goto 2
  1. Make sure you are placing breakpoint on a line with code in it - not on an empty line
    (Nb: I spent around a quarter of an hour trying to get my debugger to pause w/o knowing this. Poor me :sweat_smile:)

I thought this was an error in the vs code…but as it turned it was just me. :joy: :joy:

It did thanks a lot.