I am stuck from 2 days debug is not there

I had put the break point as shown in the picture and also when i go to the test i am not able to see mainfile and also there is no beaker sign is there any bug in my workspace please @crio team look into my workspace please you can see from my picture

and when i try to right click and then debug then it shows build faliure

This will help you :slight_smile:

i dont see any test function there it is empty as shown in my picture portfolioManagerApplicationTest is empty. drop down is empty

Refresh or reset your workspace and then you will see. May be your files didn’t load properly

done this many times more than 100

i am facing same problem please have a look same in the beaker my test:java is empty it does not contain any file same as muskan

Can you try ./gradlew build and make sure that there are no compile errors in your workspace?

Or run
./gradlew compileJava
./gradlew compileTestJava

If build fails for static code quality

It is again showing problem

Freshly PULL it again… Play with git , wait for workspace to build properly .

already did it no result it is still the same

are you opening correct folder in workspace you have you have to open qmoney not src. as I can see the file tree at the top and it is showing src as parent. can you reset your workspace and try doing that please. Try opening <your_username>_ME_QMONEY!

not working for me i had done everything

Hey @Muskan_Bansal may be you are not executing commands from right directory be patient and try in once again you will be able to resolve it because it is an configuration or that kind of error which is happening which can be resolved by hit and trial so try what i have suggested you.

Hey, you are into qmoney sub-folder. you should be in the parent folder of this qmoney sub-folder.
once go into muskanbansal581-ME-QMONEY and then do ls you will find “gredlew” folder that is in green color that means it is executable and you will run ./gradlew command here.