I am getting null values in the AlphaVantageDailyRespone

I am using this to map the response from getForObject. Is this correct or not?

Yeah this is correct. If Its is returning null then it might be the case your builduri might be returning null. Can you please go one step back and check if the response is coming from the API or not.

Sir the url is correct because i am getting response in the browser. Even in the mainReadQuotes method in PortfolioManagerApplication class i am receiving the response from API. I think the culprit is the rest template here because i checked for candleservice where i am getting null response in the candle[] from the api


Try using the debugger. Put multiple breakpoint and see line by line what’s going wrong :slight_smile: . These threads can be usefull -

Sir can i dm in slack. I solved the nullpointer exception by reinitialisng the restTemplate but i am getting an assertion in the test file in this line because the property values have a size of 0. I cannot understand what i am doing wrong.Capture
I am getting all the values and previous asserts in the test file is passing successfully.

Can you please look into these threads

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