I am getting contradicting mails for assessment of 2nd module

on submission of code for assessment i am getting two mail one saying that assessment successfully done and other showing one failure(for check_QBox_server_cpu.sh). when i submitted for the 1st time i got such two mails one saying success and other for failure but on the home page assessment didn’t passed. Then i did some changes in the file(check_QBox_server_cpu.sh) after reading the log files. When i again submitted for the 2nd time first i got a mail saying build failure 1 test failed (again for check_QBox_server_cpu.sh) . and then i got another mail saying build successful all tc passed and now on the assessment page it showing build successful. I am able to access the 3rd module now but still I am not sure whether my code(check_QBox_server_cpu.sh) is correct or there is any bug in it . Please help me in this confusion caused due to the conflicting mails that i received both the time. Both the time i got 2 mails at the same time.

Follow Assessment Result instead of mail. This problem might be occurring due to delayed delivery of the mail.