I am confused in these instruction

Anyone pls give me idea or hint of what we are expected to do here

part -1:
you need to create interface for TiingoService and AlphavantageService(StockQuoteService)
then Create a factory pattern for that Interface (StockQuoteServiceFactory)

Create an Object For StockQuoteService in portfoilomanagerimp with the help of Factory class
so that you can can use the service methods from portofoiloimp

Hope this Helps

bro i am not getting what the instruction in line no 1 want.

create an object of StockQuoteService in portofoilimanagerimpl

yes bro i an done with that but we have to change constructor for impl file that mean we are going to have two constructor?

Hi @sandeep,

You don’t need to modify the constructor. Doing so will break the build. You can add a new constructor for this module.

Hope this helps!

bro i have done something like this
` protected PortfolioManagerImpl(StockQuotesService stockQuotesService) {

this.stockQuotesService = stockQuotesService;


Yeah this should be sufficient. Have confidence and keep proceeding. I am sure you’ll crack the module :slight_smile:

ya bro but what i am not getting now is ingetPortfolioManager(String provider, RestTemplate restTemplate)
how to provide string provider during call in portfoliomanagerapplication.

You don’t need to provide it. Use default arguments if needed. The case for null is also specified. So that’ll cover everything.

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