I am able to transfer file but still unit test fails

I am able to transfer the upload and download files between ftp_client and ftp_server.
I am checking both the directories and the files are available in them.
But still the unit test is failing

this is my log file which shows all the process


@chandra-kiran_crio please help i am stuck for very long now.

Make sure the log contains details of transfer from local client (upload and download) and external client (upload and download) both.

i passed the external clinet server unit test. The problem is inly with this local transfer.
But i am still able to transfer files

Verify the log file to see if you can spot the local client’s upload and download. Else, see why it may be missing.


Here i can see transfer complete sir.

Do you see this transfer in the submitted vsftpd log file?

Yes sir. This is screenshot of the log file.
And i rant\ the command to submit this log file

I checked your submission and the vsftpd.log file you’ve submitted doesn’t show the local transfer. Please confirm that local client transfer is seen in that particular file.
Hint: What IP address should you see if it is a local transfer?

I made some changes. And now my log file looks like this

Still getting build fail. This is my 6th build fail now.

UPDATE: The error is solved.

i am also getting “Transfer Complete” while using “put” but the file is not uploaded.
how did u solve this?