How to use list of candle in module 4?

How to store data in List list. It always gives me an error.

Search this in Google learn about Collections in Java. For your help see this channel on YouTube and learn it.


You can search about List in Java collections
It might br helpful for you

List is an interface, you will have to specify which list you are using such as ArrayList, Linkedlist, etc.
Also go through the replies given by @akashchhetri and @yakshit. Let me know if your issue is resolved or not.

sir, i have resolved my issue already.

How did you solve this issue? @Jitender

Simple candle.get function for the first element and the last element.

You know what just call the getstocks method directly into the annualized return method and use the variable to get the first and last element. I did all the getstocks implementation but during debugging i have noticed that it doesn’t go inside the implemented method. So just try once like this.

How did you store the values in Candle Interface and made list of it?

Use tiingoCandle for mapping and then by using list of candle type store the objects in the list by ising for each loop over the tiingoCandle list. And make sure you use getForObject with String.Class to pass the test.