How to use cURL to connect to facebook and post a photo and a message and convert it into python code

I am Quite new to these things and have no idea. I have the image url with me and also am trying to understand how to write cURL codes with these. However i am not finding any help from the facebook api pages. Also how to publish the messages?

Hey, you can use this utility website that converts curl commands to python code -

I am not understanding how they are writing the cURL codes, let alone changing it into python code.

Okay can anyone help me out on this. I have figured out the cURL but it is requiring the url of the facebook page but we do not have that, how to put that in cURL?

The Facebook Graph API has the URL you need. You can use the token and other details required from the file given to you which already has those details. Just convert that from cURL and use it.

i am talking about the url of the qeats facebook page.

You don’t need that URL. Read the API documentation. You’ll figure out it’s not needed and what you need has already been given.

Hey, there’s need of the Facebook qeats page. Just make a post request to the URL (which you can get from Facebook Graph API), you need to send a payload as the second parameter the . The payload will contain the image url along with a caption/message.

Hey, have you figured it out yet?

It’s been more than 12 hours hours now and there is no response from your side. I am closing this ticket, if you face any issue please feel free to raise a new query.